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Nobletree "Gato Preto" Medium Roast Coffee, 12oz.

Nobletree "Gato Preto" Medium Roast Coffee, 12oz.

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Gato preto is a premum medium roast coffee with medium roast with flavor notes of black tea, malt, and plum.

Flavor notes include black tea, malt, and plummade from 100% arabica beans, nobletree premium coffee is grown on our rainforest alliance certified farms in brazil. By focusing on quality and sustainability, our hand-picked beans have won the cup of excellence (bsca) for over eight years. We passionately roast in small batches at our historic brooklyn roaster, creating a smooth, delicious flavor and amazing aroma. This specialty, third-wave coffee is an ideal bean for brewing gourmet drip coffee, cappuccinos, espresso, and for the barista who loves french press, chemex pour over, hario V6, or aeropress coffee methods. • from our vertically integrated farms in brazil • hand-packed for quality. • small batch roasted • rainforest alliance certified, fair trade usa certified • sqf certified for food safety and quality • family run farms

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