Our Story

Our Bookworm Beginnings

Caffeine and Legends started in 2015 (then known as Pour Over Parchment). We were a blog that began after finding a self published author that reinstated our love for reading. We wanted to get the word out about her amazing writing style and books, and knew being an ‘official’ blog was going to reach the most people. We have a funny & sometimes crazy side, but really that's half the fun of being bookworms!  

Anyway, we thought, nothing would be more beneficial for indie authors than  blogging about their work, and creating a place for that work to be shared. From there, Cassie grew this into a fun little book community, eventually changed the name to Caffeine and Legends, and recently, decided to work with small businesses to create a book box.

Cassie, the founder, has a masters in sustainability. Working with companies that have 'social good' programs, make product in small batches, or follow sustainable practices are important to us as we curate each and every box. We firmly believe that change starts with us, which is why we make an effort to include quality, useful items that can be used time and time again.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

You may have heard about our 1% for the Planet commitment, but that is just a fraction of what we're doing to make our company as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Caffeine and Legends has made a pledge to use recyclable or biodegradable packing material, with algae based inks as long as they are available.

We also re-use when we can! We avoid purchasing any pillows, Styrofoam, and bubble wrap; but occasionally receive them from other businesses, so we save it all for packing at the end of the month! We re-use whenever possible, and actively work to make sure we aren't sending these easily re-usable materials to the landfill. We like to know that even these simple, little items are used at least one more time before the end of their life.

If your box has our new packing peanuts in them, you can rest easy knowing they are made of natural material, and can easily be composted, or even dissolved into water in the sink! They are made of corn, though we don't recommend eating them. ;)
It's a tiny bit of extra effort, but we hope you'll agree with us that it is worth doing to reduce our impact on the planet!