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"Claim for Victory"

January Subscription box featuring Wolf Coffee & PinkUp Tea

Loyalties are tested in this exciting fantasy by J.T. Greathouse. The Hand of the Sun King has complex characters, unique creatures, and a magic system that was crafted perfectly for this setting. We chose the items this month to represent both sides of the main character’s family.

This box featured Organic House Blend, with notes of caramel, malt, and almond. Freshly roasted by Wolf Coffee Company, this represents the wolves, the old gods, and the main character’s secret he keeps during his upbringing.

Tea is an important part of the culture in this book. Many important conversations seem to happen around a cup of tea. To balance the secrets and dark elements of the book, we picked a bright and fun tea! Sugar Cookie is a delicious White tea, made by Pinky Up!

It’s a new year, and we thought this journal would be a fun way to kick it off! The main character has to push his own personal limits, which is why we picked this quote for the cover. “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, and we hope 2022 is the start of a great year for you as well!


"Brutal Entanglement"

We closed 2021 with an epic adventure! The Empire's Ruin by Brian Staveley is an aching symphony of beautiful world building, complex characters, and a plot full of intrigue and action. It’s long enough to get lost in, but awesome enough that you might just binge it over a weekend.  
As you sail through the pages and find yourself on the shores of the Annurian Empire, curl up with a cozy cup of Coastal Wonderland tea by Beach House Teas! They’ve sourced local Long Beach Washington Peninsula cranberries for this tea, and blended them with red rooibos, juniper berries, and orange peels to bring you a scrumptious holiday blend.  
Maybe you need a little extra caffeine as you navigate the holidays, or maybe, like us, you just enjoy a little extra kick in the morning. Either way, you’ll love this Death Grip Coffee by Honduras Coffee Company. Plus, how awesome is the logo?! 
To help lighten the heavy load of this ambitious read we designed a snarky custom coaster set as this month's bonus item. Use them to help pause your reading with your brew of choice, and enjoy a good chuckle.


"The Edge of Darkness"

Nover's box included a signed copy of Aparna Verma’s The Boy with Fire! This book is a wonderfully descriptive tale of assassins, monarchs, and profits, set in a really unique alternate world. We’ve touched on the elements of fire, darkness, and the phoenix for this month’s items.

Yassen, one of the main characters, prefers stealth and melting into the darkness to complete his mission. We love that Coastal Coffee Collective has an Into the Darkness blend, with robust tasting notes of brown sugar, dark chocolate, and toasted almond. This woman owned company roasts this ethically sourced, fair trade, small batch coffee in Santa Barbara, California.

Fire is such an important aspect of this book, that when we saw Embrew Tea’s description of their Bourbon Smoked White Tea, we knew it would be a perfect fit! The flavor is kind of like sitting in front of a fire pit on a cool night, it’s distinctive and delicious! Don’t forget to compost your tea bags and packaging when you’re done.

Angela at Dattura designed a custom phoenix artwork for this dictionary print, printed by Fresh Prints of CT. Each print is made on vintage dictionary paper and are one of a kind! We were inspired by so many details of this book that we also designed these custom matches, that say “Light a fire that they can’t put out”. 

"Star Glazed Donuts"

This box featured a delightful science fantasy: Light from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki. ven at the worst of times, there is a joyful and vivid element to her writing that will leave you feeling good about humanity when you’re finished.

We wanted to keep the coffee as fun and whimsical as possible, without overloading your box with a lot of flavors. The packaging of this Nobletree coffee just matched so perfectly, that we couldn’t resist adding it! Inside is an award winning Tesouro blend coffee, with tasting notes of dried fruit, melon, and nut.

The tea this month is a Cinnamon Apple Tea by Bespoke Provisions. This small batch tea combines the flavors of sweet cinnamon and apples in a base of organic mild black tea. It really smells like you’ve just made an apple pie when you brew it!

If you’re anything like us, just reading about delicious donuts is going to make you crave something sweet. We almost included a single bonus item, but decided you needed a sweet snack as well. In this box was a delicious smelling Vanilla Donut Sugar Scrub made by Feeling Smitten (don’t eat this one!), and some tasty Raspberry Jam Petits made by Jocelyn & Co. to curb that sweet craving. 

"Cloaked in Mystery"

There’s something nice about having an epic fantasy with a slice of adventure at the start of fall - especially one with a little bit of dark magic. The Pariah by Anthony Ryan is the featured book this month. It’s a complete package: swords & sorcery, a scribe raised as an outlaw, great battle scenes, and a main character you can’t help but to root for the entire time.

The hero of this story was adopted by a band of outlaws who reside in the forest. This book, though long, will probably keep you up all night; making Late Night, by Methodical Coffee the perfect coffee pairing for this book.

A slightly spicy Canyon Chai tea, made by Nature’s Vine Tea, is a fitting pair with the dark magic in this book. We also love the nature inspired packaging to go with the main character’s upbringing, and wanted to make it easy to try the spoiler card drink this month!

The first of two bookish items is a quote magnet, handmade in Ann Arbor, MI by ChicalooKate. As we’ve just added another book to your TBR, this quote seemed appropriate! The second is a custom designed, eco-friendly cotton tote, exclusive to Caffeine & Legends!


If you closed your eyes and imagined an environmental Utopia what would it look like? Claire North dreams up a world like this in Notes from the Burning Age, with a fresh take on post-apocalyptic society. Threats of conspiracy take this fantasy into the realm of being a thriller that packs an emotional punch.

Speaking of imagination, the team over at Coffee & Tea Junkie have dreamed up so many unique and delicious coffee flavors, that we decided it was the perfect time for a sampling of coffee!

This month’s White Sage & Wild Mint Tea was made by Juniper Ridge, a company that would fit right into an environmental utopia. They use sustainably harvested and local plants for their teas, Sustainable Forestry Initiative packaging, and environmentally friendly inks on their boxes! The best part, though, is that the tea has a wonderfully complex and delicious flavor, perfect for a cozy reading day.

The main character, Ven, is skilled in translating ancient texts, and must decide how far he’s willing to go as a spy. We wanted to send some gear that’s useful in your day to day life, that could also get you out of a sticky situation. This Tactical Pen by Trixie & Milo encompasses all of these things! It is strong enough to shatter glass, is made from aircraft grade aluminum, and has a standard refillable ink cartridge, so you can use it over and over. 

"World Between Realms"
A Master of Djinn

Immerse yourself in a world of secrets, magic and mystery (with a dash of humor) in this month’s new release! A Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark is filled with unpredictable twists in this fantastic steampunk alternative history.

With summer around the corner, we included Summer Breeze blend from Fidalgo Coffee Roasters. This lovely medium-light coffee has cupping notes of cherry, caramel, apple cider and pear.

Don’t let the name fool you, Winterwoods Tea Company’s Sahalie Rain loose leaf tea was selected to match well with the idea of summer as well! Inside the gorgeous sunflower yellow packaging is a fruity mango black tea that is delicious hot or iced.

The bonus item with this box fits the unique features of the book, specifically the deep green Djinn you’ll meet in chapter two, and the steampunk elements that Clark sprinkled throughout the story. MicroPuzzles made us a custom puzzle exclusive to Caffeine and Legends! It is compact, and easy to take with you if you’re traveling.


Untamed - shadow of the gods

May's book was The Shadow of the Gods written by @John_Gwynne_Author, published by @OrbitBooks_US. This first in series is a gritty tale, with monsters, magic, and wild creatures. The author was also kind enough to include signed bookplates that feature this epic cover!

The bones of the old Gods hold enormous power in this book, which is why we chose Deadman’s Reach coffee. Roasted by @ravensbrewcoffee, it has tasting notes of dark, bittersweet coffee and hazelnut with a sweet bite.

We have included a custom quote pint glass, so you can enjoy a refreshing cup of your favorite chilled brew!

"Acts of Treason"

The Unbroken by C.L. Clark is a new release, diverse epic fantasy. It will break you apart before slowly putting you back together. Written in such a way that you may not know where your own loyalties lie, we’ve assembled a box of items to help you through this tense, thought-provoking read.
Sometimes you have to be a misfit to break the mold and set out to accomplish great things. Revelator Coffee roasted this full-bodied Misfit Blend. It has tasting notes of butterscotch, praline, and toasted pecan, with warm tones and a chocolate finish.

If there was ever a time for a Badass Babe tea, it’s now, with a book that features two female main characters. Made by ModestMix Teas, this spiced green tea blend is earthy and smooth. It has a nice caffeine level to give you the kick you need to get through your day.
Anya’s Apothekere has a mission to promote health and wellness, and we hope you’ll take a little time to heal any heartache this book may have caused along the way. Use this Healthy Bone Soak in the bath, or as a foot soak to relieve any aching muscles.


"The Fire Within"

The Fire Within Dragon Box

In Duncan M. Hamilton’s Dragonslayer. This epic high fantasy has a heartfelt redemption story, complete with magic, dragons, knights and plenty of action to keep you turning the pages. We've incorporated many of these elements into the March box.

Speaking of Knights, your coffee this month has the cutest little Owl Knight on the package! Golden Hour by Sir Owlverick’s is an organic, delicious Medium Roast with notes of black tea, caramel, and chocolate with a smooth and crisp finish. Sir Owlverick’s is a SoCal Small Batch, Certified Minority Women-Owned Coffee roaster.

You have two amazing teas to try this month from Plum Deluxe Tea! To highlight the element of magic, the Butterfly Pea Flower “Magical” herbal Tea changes color when you add citrus! Hint: it’s also delicious when you add some lemonade for a refreshing spring drink! Stay in bed and read with some Blackberry Hazelnut Black Tea, which has flavors of toasted hazelnut, tart blackberries, with hints of vanilla that gives the cozy comforter feel.

Although technically from a different fantasy book, we are super excited to have this Golden Game of Thrones Sculpted Dragon Egg Candle from Insight Editions! Everything in this box was curated with our Bookstagram friends in mind. The items all have gold or blue elements to match the cover, and we hope this dragon egg really helps your photos stand out!

"Fate or Fealty"

Curated Fantasy Book Box

Grab your sword and shield, you’re going to need it on your journey through Knight’s Ransom by Jeff Wheeler. This new release is packed with battles, resilient characters, lore and betrayal, so settle in and let this book take you to new and exciting places.
Every knight needs their trusty steed, provided this month in the form of coffee. This freshly roasted Warhorse Blend by Copper Horse Coffee is a dark roast with a firm backbone and bold overtones of dark chocolate and toasted walnuts.

Gear up your inner warrior with Fire Roasted Warrior’s Yaupon Holly Tea, by Yaupon Brothers. This tea is sweet and smoky, boosting your energy and focus. Organic Yaupon is the perfect addition to your daily ritual.
How about a little sweet, to balance out the intensity of the rest of this month's items? Frangosia Farms sources this Artisan Raw Honey, using only the most environmentally sustainable practices. We’ve also included recipe cards so you can try crafting your own specialty drinks at home!

"A Touch of Madness"


The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso was January's featured book. I know some of our subscribers have binged it and are waiting for book two, so here's to hoping it comes out soon!
The featured coffee this month was Defiance dark roast coffee from - selected for this box, because the main characters family are the guardians, and some really neat magical ties to the land.
This is also why we selected the coconut bowl and spoon from @rainforestbowls - plus we love their mission to create something so sustainable!
 Last but not least, was the Arch Cape Dark Tea by @beachhouseteas - a dark tea just seemed the right fit for a book featuring a dark tower, hosting even darker magical elements. Plus, this tea is delicious! It has a subtle taste and aroma of pears, paired with the warm flavor of ginger root


"Laws of Nature"

December's box included a hardcover copy of W. Michael Gear’s, Outpost. This Sci-Fi Fantasy has thrilling worldbuilding, is delightfully dark, and has plenty of action to keep you flipping the pages until the new year.

We couldn’t resist curating items to go with the space theme this month. @kllrcoffee's packaging was absolutely perfect, and tastes as amazing as it looks! This small batch, single origin coffee has tasting notes of sweet fruit acidity, chocolate, and toffee.

In keeping with this space theme, @paraviontea’s Twilight Blend has just the right amount of glitter and sparkle to add a little night sky pizazz to the last box of the year! It’s a lightly sweet Chamomile tea that will send you right to dream land.

We are excited to have @flypaperproducts in the box this month! They made these “The Adventure Left Off Here...” wood bookmarks, so you can always find your way back to your reading adventure. As a way to round out 2020, we’ve also included a sweet treat from @candypeopleusa!

"A Dance with Murder & Magic"

Grab your suitcase and get ready to head to London with Spellbreaker by C.N. Homberg.
As you journey between the pages to follow witches and wizards in secret, you can curl up with a nice cup of coffee, roasted by @geekgrindcoffee. Wizard’s Mist light roast is full of flavor, with notes of red fruit, tamarind, red wine and caramel.

Inspired by the thought of a nice cup of tea in Victorian England, these Orange Cinnamon Roll @myteadrops are a scrumptious blend of black assam tea, orange peel, cinnamon and clove. Flavors that will compliment any fall baking!

The bonus item this month is a custom journal, designed and created for this month’s box. The journal features a gold and black magical inspired design to fit the theme of the box. November is also National Novel Writing Month, and we hope this journal can inspire some future authors to write some epic stories.

Nevada Buckley did the beautiful spoiler card artwork, that represents the little animals in the book that are trained to deliver mail.
📸 This lovely unboxing photo is by the amazing @bibliomaniacamanda

"Silent Threats"

The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart was a new release featured in October's box. Get ready for this epic fantasy to take you into a world with a new and dark magic system, neat constructs, and plenty of intrigue.

Most characters in this world have to contribute to the magic system. We resonated with the idea that everyone has magic in their bones, so we created these custom “You Are Magic” mugs! These campfire mugs are microwave safe, though we do recommend hand washing to maximize the life of the design.

It takes real strength of character to stand up for something, which is why we are proud to feature a dark roast from Kikos Coffee & Tea. Born into a family of farmers, the owner of Kikos faced the challenges of a society immersed in violence, where those who suffered were always the poor. They started this company to make a difference, just like the hero’s we read about in books.

Islands are an integral part of the story and character locations. Nothing says ’island’ more to us than notes of tropical fruit! This Maui Tea is a green tea crafted by Art of Tea, and has tropical flavors of pineapple, mango, and papaya.

"Out of the Darkness"

Legendary September Box

September's featured book was The Lightest Object in the Universe, by Kimi Eisele. It’s an uplifting story, with just a touch of the mystical. A nice change from dark, heavy fantasies!

Methodical Coffee freshly roasted this “Belly Warmer” blend. Their photo worthy packing is reminiscent of the nature themes in this month’s book. The male lead, Carson,  journey’s across the country, and this blend reflects the strong cup of coffee you’d have on an early morning road trip.

Two teas matched this month’s book, so we included both! The first is an Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake tea by Simpson & Vail. Apples are one of those easy fruits to come by in the wild, but it also has hints of orange blossom, something that always reminds Carson of Beatrix, the female main character.

The second tea this month was a small bag of Organic Yerba Mate tea by Octavia tea. This tea is important to Beatrix because it is from her travels abroad, and symbolizes friendship. It’s key to her building an important relationship, and thus her progress in the story.

As cool fall nights approach, we thought it would be fun to include evening, outdoors-inspired items with the box this month: S’mores! Warm up with these fun S’mores Socks made by Pavilion. 

Though we couldn’t make you a nice warm s’more by a campfire, we included S’mores Marshmallows made by XO Marshmallows. When you’re on an adventure you need a good snack along the way!

"Grudge Fueled Vendetta"

Ashes of the Sun by Django Wexler is a post-apocalyptic fantasy, written from opposing perspectives. It’s brimming with mysterious tech, arcane magic, and of course, some epic fight scenes!

To highlight the charged rivalry between characters, we’ve selected Double Dead, a potent whole bean dark roast. Raven’s Brew Coffee freshly roasted this batch, with tasting notes of dark, bittersweet chocolate, toasted nuts, and an extra charge delivered in a rich, heavy body with a sweet bite. Also included is a Double Dead foiled postcard, so you can share the tales of your coffee adventures!

Stones and crystals are integral to the arcana that keeps Maya, one of the main characters, alive. The tea this month is part of Par Avion Tea’s ‘Magical’ collection, and this Citrine tea has rock sugar crystals to represent this heroine. The flavors of apple, rosehip, orange and sunflower also feel like the perfect way to round out summer.

Recycled materials are critical to the success of the rebels in the story. The canvas bag in this month’s box is created by Maika, and is made from recycled cotton canvas, and hand-printed with eco-friendly inks. Use it as a gift bag, to store or carry books, to organize your desktop, or even as a planter!

The rebels also need metals for their craft, and we thought this moon coin would be a fun addition to your box! Shire Mint Post is a small business that had a successful start making coins for George R.R. Martins A Song Of Ice and Fire series. They hand-tool each design before striking them into different coins.

"In Pursuit of Magic"

The July box includes Scarlet Odyssey by C.T. Rwizi, a hardcover with a beautifully designed naked cover - great for photos if you're an Instagrammer!

We wanted to switch things up a little this month with a sampling of coffee. JavAroma Roasters freshly roasted the coffee in this box. Ethiopian and Morning Jolt sampler coffees accompany the two packets of cold brew! Each cold brew packet makes about 7 cups of coffee. So whether you're looking for something hot or iced, we have you covered!

Tea drinkers, gear up for a magical treat with this month's Creme Brulee Flowering Tea, by Pinky Up! Flowering tea, or blooming tea, is made by wrapping tea leaves around dry flowers. When the resulting dry bundle is steeped, it unfurls to create a beautiful flower while infusing the water with delicate but flavorful tea. This seemed like a beautiful, fun way to incorporate the magical theme.

Last but not least, Black Jack Coffee Scrub is this month's bonus item. Made by Southern Rhoades Apothecary, this item looks like it's straight off the shelf of a warlock, and will leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

"From the Ashes"

This month we celebrated our subscription box’s 1 year anniversary!

The idea for this box came years after starting a book blog to support new and independent authors. We’re excited to feature independent, USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, Shannon Mayer, in this box. Her book Fury of a Phoenix, is best described as a magical, John Wick type book with a female assassin who refuses to back down.

The proverb on this month’s bag of coffee, “One who listens carefully hits his target” pairs perfectly with a book featuring a magical assassin! A medium roast by Civilized Coffee, this month’s brew will have notes of brown sugar, citrus and caramel. Civilized Coffee sources their coffee beans directly from small-scale farmers, before roasting them in small batches, ensuring fair wages are paid to farmers, and high quality coffee is delivered to customers.

Chai is Shannon Mayer’s tea of choice, and Apolis Tea crafts this incredible, fragrant blend of Nirvana Chai Tea! It’s a nice, smooth chai with black tea and vanilla, and is excellent as a latte, or over ice!

While things catch fire in Fury of a Phoenix, cool down and stay hydrated with this custom Be A Warrior stainless steel water bottle. It uses vacuum technology to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours!

"Legendary Adventures"

(Photo Credit: @read.and.wander)

We've curated the May box to be a little extra fun, and take readers on a literary adventure through 3 very different paperbacks! The fantasy books include: An Illusion of Thieves by Cate Glass (a fantasy adventure); They Promised Me The Gun Wasn't Loaded by James Alan Gardner (superhero fantasy); and Priest of Bones by Peter McLean (dark fantasy). We hope you enjoy the variety!

Tea Drops made the really unique and fun Vanilla White Tea. High in antioxidants, but low in caffeine, this tea is calming and can be enjoyed anytime especially as an after meal tea. This packaging is also super fun, and seemed to fit in a quirky way with the bright cover of They Promised Me The Gun Wasn't Loaded. Tea drops have been such a huge hit with our customers, that we've decided to stock them. Be sure to check out our coffee & tea section to view all of the fun flavors!

Grab your favorite mug, and read into the night with a cup of Midnight Glare. Founded in our businesses home state of Virginia, we’re really excited to include Dan River Coffee Co. in the May box.

Take your literary adventure back in time, have some fun, and stay busy with the bonus item. It’s a Pandora's Elpis puzzle made by Project Genius. The Elpis was the last item in Pandora’s Box, and in mythology, the symbol of hope. A running theme in each of these books, and something we can all use a little more of these days.

"Scribes & Scholars"

(Photo Credit: @Read.And.Wander)
Our April box featured a hardcover edition of Turning Darkness Into Light, by Marie Brennan. 

With tasting notes of plum, fresh walnut, and vanilla, this April’s coffee was roasted to a medium level, by Think Coffee in NYC. Their company name perfectly fit the Scribes & Scholars theme, and we love that this company gives back to each community from which they source!

Have some fun with this month’s bonus item, a Fountain Pen and Journal Set designed by Ooly. This company dreams up all kinds of fun and creative products for adults and kids alike. Practice your penmanship, journal about your day, or write to friends and family! These pens are also re-fillable, so you can get quite a bit of life out of them.

"Risks Are Worth Taking"

In the book world, nothing says taking a risk more than independently publishing your very first novel. We’re proud to feature epic fantasy, Souls of Magic’s Dawn by G.A. Lungaro. Destiny, prophesy, and anarchy unfold in this new series.

Recover from the chilly winter with this Passionfruit Jasmine Tea, from Art of Tea. This blend is quite unique; wonderful hot and iced. It’s has also won the award for the best flavored black iced tea at the world tea expo! There is 4oz of tea this month, so you have a little extra with which to experiment!

Coffee drinkers: you also get to try new things! Included are 3 different coffees, the makers of which have all taken a risk and tried something unique! Caribbrew Coffee has partnered with small farmers in Haiti to sustainable jobs to areas impacted by natural disasters. Copper Cow has created really unique and delicious pour-over coffees. We have included the classic Vietnamese pour-over so you can try something new! Finally, we’ve partnered with Cooper’s Cask Coffee so you can try this distinctive “Battle Cry” Rye Whisky Barrel Aged coffee.

Step out of your comfort zone and try a new drink this month! A clear mug, with recipe cards are this month’s bonus items. Use the clear mug to see clearly if you’ve nailed the layers of these delicious drinks. You may be surprised by what you find!

"Beasts & Blades"

In this box, we’re reading Kevin J. Anderson, author of the internationally acclaimed Dune series.

- Spine of the Dragon will whisk you on an epic journey filled with political drama, revenge, and incredible creatures. An age-old conflict between the Three Kingdoms and Ishara erupts in a thrilling battle that unites enemy forces. Star Wars fans will enjoy Anderson’s emphasis on balancing fantasy with human drama. His artful storytelling breathes life into this genre.
-Fable Grounds Coffee single origin beans complement the strength of Isharan warriors. Harvested from Columbia, the Book Dragon blend yields wonderful caramel and nutty tones.
- This month’s tea is a spicy-sweet blend that will chase away the cold. Brew a cup of Golden Dragon Pearl blooming tea and wrap up in the rich aroma of chocolate, pepper, honey, fig, and notes of molasses. Made by Octavia Tea Company.
-Insight Editions created the gorgeous “You’re a Dragon” candle modeled after dragon scales for a dash of mythic ambiance.
- As a bonus, invoke your literary warrior with a double sided, handmade sword bookmark!


"Lore & Lies"

This box featured a paperback that artfully combines lore, curses, and mythical creatures, with a Viking vibe.
Each item, including the coffee and tea, was be selected to match the theme, or one of the creatures from the book. (photo by rq_davis)

This box included:

- The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon (paperback)
- Wake Up blend whole bean coffee by Wolf Coffee
- Golden Summit, Loose Leaf tea by Beach House Teas
- Two ceramic coasters by Lantern Press, inspired by the book’s map
- Vegan Sour Viking Gummies by Candy People USA


"Crazy, Magical Mayhem"

December's box featured a signed copy of Born in Fire by K.F. Breene. The author added a few fun goodies to go along with it!
The tea edition was from Pinky Up Tea, in a Cranberry Bar flavor for the holiday season - complete with white chocolate pieces in the mix!
We also featured Tentera Coffee's organic ground Sumatra in the coffee boxes.
(Photo by @beckys_bookshelf_)

"Into Dark Nights"

The Into Dark Nights theme was inspired by nighttime castles.
This box celebrates the long nights and change in seasons through fall and winter!
-The Witchwood Crown, by Tad Williams, was the featured book.
Other famous fantasy authors, including George R. R. Martin and Christopher Paolini, were inspired by Tad, and even reviewed this book. We hope that as you curl up into your favorite reading spot this fall, this book will take you far away, to new and exciting lands.
- Bonus Item: Journals with a water resistant outside. Velvety smooth to the touch, with a beautiful foil detail. They are unlined, so you can use for notes and sketches.
- Coffee: Keep sleepiness at bay with this Colombian blend coffee. Freshly roasted by Copper Moon Coffee, it is a light medium roast. This coffee is slightly sweet, with a full bodied finish.
- Tea: The featured tea this month is Edgar Allen Poe’s black tea blend, crafted by Simpson Vail Tea. It has a slightly smoky, earthy, flavor. The color is really nice deep red, reminiscent of the dark tales of entries and macabre by Edgar Allen Poe himself. (Photo by _Bookwormed)

"Crowns & Flames" 

This box was curated with Halloween in mind!
- The book was The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons - the next book in the series came out at the end of October!
- October's coffee was whole bean, and freshly roasted by Red Rooster Coffee Roaster. The raven on the bag seemed so fitting for October’s box!
- The tea was crafted by Swallowtail Tea - the sister Company to red rooster located in Virginia. It’s called Firetower tea, which fit the “flames” part of the theme so well!
- Speaking of flames, the bonus item this month was reminiscent of dragon fire! Included in this box were small bars of salted sriracha chocolate (both milk and dark). Plus, chocolates seemed fitting with Halloween coming up!

"Fierce and Mythical"

- Featured book: In the Region of the Summer Stars
"Ravaged by barbarian Scálda forces, the last hope for Eirlandia lies with the island’s warring tribes. Wrongly cast from his tribe, Conor, the firstborn son of a Celtic king, embarks on a dangerous mission to prove his innocence. What he discovers will change Eirlandia forever. For the Scálda have captured the mystical Fae to use as an ultimate weapon. And Conor’s own people have joined in the invasion."
Featured teas from Loose Leaf Tea Company
• Black Summer (‘A wonderful orange pekoe blend with a bit of sweet and tart.’ Includes elderberry, organic raisin pieces, & hibiscus petals.)
This one has been my favorite this month
• Irish Breakfast tea chest (‘A stout robust blend of February Kenya and Assam. Superb colour and very full bodied. Excellent in the morning and afternoon.’)
They also included biodegradable filter tea bags!
- Featured Coffee: Highlands Blend by Vienna Coffee Company
This coffee has remained one of our absolute favorites! It has a natural sweetness that gives this blend a delightful flavor.
- Featured bonus item: A GORGEOUS Celtic inspired book sleeve made by CreatedByRaeMn. We love her handmade book sleeves, and this one is so special because it was made exclusively for this box!

"Forest Magic"


Our "Forest Magic" book box was centered around the featured book: The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha Pulley.

Synopsis Excerpt: Surrounded by local stories of lost time, cursed woods, and living rock, Merrick must separate truth from fairytale and find out what befell the last expeditions.
- The featured tea in this box is Left Coast Tropic, crafted by Beach House Teas. Left Coast Tropic is 100% organic loose leaf tea blended with both organic Assam tea and green tea. Tropic vibes are brought in from organic thick cut coconut and locally harvested Pineapple Sage.
- Coffee in this box was from Badger Bro's Coffee. Refuel with this medium roast coffee! The smooth and satisfying flavor and aroma of the "Refuel" blend is sure to give you that pick me up you need!
There are two bonus items in this box!
- This first is a scoop clip by Talisman Designs, featuring an adorable hedgehog.
- The second is a hedgehog spoon rest, which is also a great size for tea strainers. 

Event Box for "The Girl the Sea Gave Back"

Featuring the book: The Girl the Sea Gave Back, by Adrienne Young
This box makes a really wonderful gift! Every item was selected to match the blue ocean theme of this box.
- The Coffee: Cafe Femenino, from Peru.
- The Tea: Truth Spell, by Par Avion Tea
This box also included two bonus items pertaining to the theme: Sea Salt Caramels, and a custom magnetic bookmark!

"Hope In Chaos"

This was our first time featuring a new release!
There Will Come a Darkness was the book featured in this box; it’s been compared to Six of Crows and Graceling.
This coffee was freshly roasted by Pintail Coffee NY (and has become a rep favorite!). The coffee is yummy, and the packaging just fit the theme so well, we couldn’t resist! Plus, the have a wonderful give-back program.
Tea this month was from @shopcallmesweetea - it’s a blend that she made just for this box! She just had her grand opening, and we’re so excited to have been able to work with her to place an order and help her small shop open!
This month’s bonus item was a mug we designed and had custom made for the box. It’s an 11oz ceramic mug that says: “I’m not a bookworm, I’m a book dragon”. It's dishwasher safe, though we recommend hand washing so the print lasts a little bit longer.

"Hope In Chaos"
Our very first box!

Our June book box features The Lost Queen by Signe Pike. This epic fantasy will take you on an adventure to a lost landscape.
This months tea was a delicious caffeine free blend for the summer, by Cup & Kettle Tea. Titled Lemon Honeybush, the ingredients originate from South Africa, and the United States. It has a sweet, juicy, and clean flavor. •
The coffee in this box was from Java Roma Roasters, it included 4 different blends: Blackout (dark roast), Morning Jolt (breakfast blend), Stomping Grounds (Dark Roast) and Guatemala (Medium Roast). There are 4, 2 ounce packets, so you can try them all and pick a favorite!
This months bonus item was inspired by the love of libraries! It's a personal library kit by Knock Knock.
Use it to lend out your personal books, or as a way of keeping track of how many times you've read your favorites! 😍There was a bonus bookmark that just matched the insignia on the cover of the book so well, that we couldn't resist adding it in!

Photo credit to @librarianofazkaban for the stunning coffee box pic!