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"Lore & Lies" (SOLD OUT)

This box featured a paperback that artfully combines lore, curses, and mythical creatures, with a Viking vibe.
Each item, including the coffee and tea, was be selected to match the theme, or one of the creatures from the book. (photo by rq_davis)

This box included:

- The First Girl Child by Amy Harmon (paperback)
- Wake Up blend whole bean coffee by Wolf Coffee
- Golden Summit, Loose Leaf tea by Beach House Teas
- Two ceramic coasters by Lantern Press, inspired by the book’s map
- Vegan Sour Viking Gummies by Candy People USA


"Crazy, Magical Mayhem" (SOLD OUT)

December's box featured a signed copy of Born in Fire by K.F. Breene. The author added a few fun goodies to go along with it!
The tea edition was from Pinky Up Tea, in a Cranberry Bar flavor for the holiday season - complete with white chocolate pieces in the mix!
We also featured Tentera Coffee's organic ground Sumatra in the coffee boxes.
(Photo by @beckys_bookshelf_)

"Into Dark Nights"
(Coffee Boxes Still Available)

The Into Dark Nights theme was inspired by nighttime castles.
This box celebrates the long nights and change in seasons through fall and winter!
-The Witchwood Crown, by Tad Williams, was the featured book.
Other famous fantasy authors, including George R. R. Martin and Christopher Paolini, were inspired by Tad, and even reviewed this book. We hope that as you curl up into your favorite reading spot this fall, this book will take you far away, to new and exciting lands.
- Bonus Item: Journals with a water resistant outside. Velvety smooth to the touch, with a beautiful foil detail. They are unlined, so you can use for notes and sketches.
- Coffee: Keep sleepiness at bay with this Colombian blend coffee. Freshly roasted by Copper Moon Coffee, it is a light medium roast. This coffee is slightly sweet, with a full bodied finish.
- Tea: The featured tea this month is Edgar Allen Poe’s black tea blend, crafted by Simpson Vail Tea. It has a slightly smoky, earthy, flavor. The color is really nice deep red, reminiscent of the dark tales of entries and macabre by Edgar Allen Poe himself. (Photo by _Bookwormed)

"Crowns & Flames"  (SOLD OUT)

This box was curated with Halloween in mind!
- The book was The Ruin of Kings by Jenn Lyons - the next book in the series came out at the end of October!
- October's coffee was whole bean, and freshly roasted by Red Rooster Coffee Roaster. The raven on the bag seemed so fitting for October’s box!
- The tea was crafted by Swallowtail Tea - the sister Company to red rooster located in Virginia. It’s called Firetower tea, which fit the “flames” part of the theme so well!
- Speaking of flames, the bonus item this month was reminiscent of dragon fire! Included in this box were small bars of salted sriracha chocolate (both milk and dark). Plus, chocolates seemed fitting with Halloween coming up!