Mind Reading Would Be An Awesome Ability...

But since it's not possible, we've tried to answer as many questions as we could for you here in the F.A.Q. section. 

General Questions:

What is a Caffeine and Legends Book Box?

Caffeine and Legends is a monthly book club that focuses on bringing you new coffee or tea to try, along with your monthly read. We currently have three boxes available: one for coffee lovers, and one for tea lovers, and one for people who love them both. All other item's in the boxes will remain the same, so don't worry that you are missing out! We will also feature at least one book or drink related item in your box. We also commit to providing a box retail value that is over the price you pay for each box.

We also have a fun, interactive community on Facebook, anyone is welcome to join!

How does the subscription work?
When you sign up for a subscription with us, you will receive a box every month. We ship between the 1-7th.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription? 
Not at all! Our single box purchases can be found under the "Shop Book Boxes" section. These are typically listed around the 15th of each month. Please note that we do offer a discount to monthly subscribers. If you love your first box, we hope you'll take advantage of this when you come back!

I need to skip a month, how can I do this?
Please create an account with us when you check-out. This will allow you to easily cancel & re-start your chosen subscription at any time.

How do I change my subscription shipping address?

If you need to change your shipping address, please email us at caffeineandlegends@gmail.com. Please include the first and last name on the subscription.

Why don't you send a lot of book-related items?

Our philosophy is that less is more. We want our boxes to appeal to people of all ages & genders. So while we may have less "stuff", we take pride in sourcing high-quality items from small businesses whenever possible. We want you to have something new each month that you'll be excited to use!

What if I Already Have This Month's Book?

We do our best to offer books that are less well-known (but still amazing!). We soon hope to offer only new releases so this will not be an issue. In the mean time, if you are concerned that you will receive a book you have already read, you are welcome to email us at caffeineandlegends@gmail.com, and we will let you know that month's book will be. 

Can I Send This as a Gift?

Absolutely! Our box make great gifts because they are designed for both men and women. Thank you for considering our box as a gift option!

Do you ship internationally?

We do!
Be sure to check our policies page regarding any import fees/VAT taxes. 

 What Are Kraken Rewards?

Kraken rewards are loyalty reward points you can earn from each purchase! Earn 1 loyalty point for every dollar spent, plus, get 50 points when it's your birthday!
You can also  find the refer a friend feature in the rewards area.

How Do I See My Reward Points?
To view your rewards, click the blue shopping back with a hear symbol in the bottom right corner of the website. Once you log into your account, click it again to view, or redeem your reward points.

Cost & Billing

How Much Do These Boxes Cost?

We have a few different subscription plans for you to choose from.
If choosing coffee or tea, you have the option of a one time purchase at $37.99, or to be billed monthly at $35 each month.
If you'd like the coffee & tea box, the one-time purchase is $45.99, and the subscription price is $42.37.

What If I Want To Cancel?

You can cancel any time before your next renewal date. If you cancel after your renewal, your box will still ship.

Do You Allow Returns or Refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the consumable nature of items in our box, they are non-refundable and we cannot accept returns. 

If the contents of your box have been damaged in transit, please reach out to us right away, at caffeineandlegends@gmail.com with photos of the damage. We will gladly do everything we can to resolve the issue. 

Can I cancel an order I just placed?
If you change your mind, please email us with 24 hours of completing your purchase. After this time frame, we can not cancel any order.

Vendor & Influencer Questions

I Sell Items That Would be Perfect For Your Box!

Awesome! We would love to hear from you. Our focus is on sourcing high quality items from small businesses and suppliers. If you think your items would be a good fit, please fill out our vendor application.

If your items fit one of our upcoming themes, we will definitely be in touch!

I'm an Influencer/Blogger - can I have a box?

First of all, since you have made it here - thank you for finding us!

We do occasionally send out free boxes to be reviewed. If you're on Instagram, we hold a rep search every 3 months. We highly encourage you follow us, and to apply when our next search begins. We would most like to hear from bloggers and YouTubers across other platforms. Please feel free to send us e-mail us at caffeineandlegends@gmail.com with information about your channel, blog, or other account.


I'm a Writer, will You Consider My Book?

First of all - congratulations on publishing! That's a huge accomplishment. At this time, however, we have received a lot of requests and cannot accept anymore submissions. 

You are always welcome to join our growing Facebook group to share and discuss your work! We started as bloggers who just wanted to get the word out about new authors and great books, while enjoying some great coffee & tea.  Although we aren't currently in a place to feature new authors in our boxes, we will always support the work of authors on our blog page and Facebook group. 


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