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Bourbon Smoked White Sweetened Tea Bags

Bourbon Smoked White Sweetened Tea Bags

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Bourbon Smoked White Sweetened Tea Bags

A customer favorite, made by Embrew Tea!

What's it taste like?

It's kinda like you're sitting in front of a fire pit on a cool night.  The white tea has a subtle baked bread aroma, but the real hero is the bourbon smoked sugar already blended perfectly in the bag. The demerara sugar is smoked with authentic Kentucky Bourbon oak barrels and gives the tea its bold smoky flavor.

Who's it for?

Someone who loves subtle smokey food and drinks. Bourbon Smoked White is for the mature one who doesn’t let anyone walk all over them.  

You already have sophisticated hobbies, a wild streak, and a few novels you are working on.  You need Bourbon Smoked White to add to your repertoire.

Be brave.  Be bold. You’re already bad-ass.

Brew Instructions:

teapot - water
Mug - Temperature

10-12oz Water
185°F 4 minutes


Contains caffeine.

Ingredients: smoked demerara sugar, white tea, smoked black tea

Contents: 10 tea bags; makes 20 cups (steep bag up to 2 times)

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