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If you’ve ever wanted to leave behind long commutes, Facebook arguments, and the constant drone of bad news on the air, you aren’t alone. Author G.A. Lungaro is right there with you.

“As a reader, I want to be transported to strange and magical lands, places we only imagined in our dreams,” said Lungaro.

For twelve years, Lungaro has been crafting his own fantasy epic to help others like him escape from the grind of every day life. And in just a few weeks, this lifelong dream will come true when Lungaro launches his first novel, “Souls of Magic’s Dawn.”

Coming first to Kickstarter last October, “Souls of Magic’s Dawn” was the first in Lungaro’s series “The Covenant of Souls.”

“This story weaves the deep history of ‘Lord of the Rings’ with the magic of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and the political intrigue of ‘Game of Thrones’,” said Lungaro.

“Souls of Magic’s Dawn” tells the story of a powerful archmage and his apprentice as they navigate the politics of a pantheon of gods and nobility to thwart a prophecy that could annihilate all of creation.

“From these simple premises, an entire world grew in my mind,” said Lungaro. “A world of magic, mystical creatures, compelling character, and an intricate political landscape.”