Left Coast Tropic Loose Leaf Tea

Left Coast Tropic Loose Leaf Tea

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Left Coast Tropic is 100% organic loose leaf tea blended with both organic Assam tea and green tea. Tropic vibe are brought in from organic thick cut coconut and locally harvested Pineapple Sage.

Handcrafted at The Southwest Washington Coast

Made With Only 100% Organic, Fair Trade Herbs. An Artisan Loose Leaf Blend From Beach House Teas, Blended by Hand in Small Batches

2 oz of loose leaf tea 

Makes 25-30 Cups of Tea depending on taste


  • 1 tsp Depending on taste 212° F Heat fresh water 6-8 FL OZ Pour water over tea 6-8 MINS Stay close to this steep time for optimal flavor
  • 1-2 STEEPS
  • Use fresh leaves often

Ingredients: Organic Assam Tea Organic Green Tea Organic Rose Hips Organic Coconut Locally Harvested Pineapple Sage Organic Pure Extracts

All Beach House tea is carefully crafted in small batches and immediately sealed in a resealable natural Kraft stand up pouch or a 6-inch tall tea tin with a slip lid to seal in freshness.