Firelight Coffee - Canopy Blend
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Firelight Coffee - Canopy Blend

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Canopy is a mix of the natural and modern, inspired by the airy forests that cover the city of Atlanta. This blend of coffees was crafted to be highly accessible and able to be served by itself or with any combination of dairy. Our most balanced coffee, Canopy has creamy vanilla notes and sweet nutty flavors, while being punctuated by a slight citrus taste.

Canopy is perfect as an everyday drip coffee, but is also excellent in any other brew method including French Press, pourover, or Aeropress.

Region: Various
Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, and others
Altitude: 1400-2050Meters
Process: Natural and Washed
Made in United States

Firelight Coffee is a small batch specialty coffee roaster working to make high quality coffees more accessible and approachable. They believe that everyone deserves to drink fresh, delicious coffee without compromise, and our mission is to spread specialty coffee to a wider community. 
Sourcing strategy: focuses on sustainably managed farms and close producer relationships wherever possible, with ambitions to be carbon neutral with a fully transparent supply chain.