ino-Rift by Derek Borne

Dino-Rift by Derek Borne

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Dino-Rift by Derek Borne (paperback)

Seriously, if you love Jurassic Park and YA novels, you NEED to check this one out!~ Rabid Readers Book Blog

Dinosaurs. Time Travel. Action. Adventure. Evil Corporations. Teenage Angst. Count me in! ~ Reader, B. Denny

The Rift.

A gateway to a prehistoric world.

For years, SauraCorps has kept its existence confidential while touting themselves as a run-of-the-mill dinosaur museum.

For two Utah teens, Kamren and Vivienne, a care-free night to themselves quickly turns into a daunting trek through an exotic, unfamiliar time.

Not only do they stumble upon SauraCorps’ nefarious agenda, they also encounter major discrepancies concerning the past that would rewrite history books as we know them.

Kam and Viv’s reliance on each other through the primeval environment also tests their friendship in unexpected ways.

Will they survive and make it home…together?

Note: Dino-Rift is set in the same universe as Derek Borne's
"The Ultimate Agent" series, but it is not necessary to read that series first.