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December One Time Box

December One Time Box

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December Theme: A Violent Expanse

This box is your portal into a sci-fi-fantasy filled with murderous priests, brutal assassins, and cunning con artists. It's a world where the good guys aren't always good, and political games could change the stars. The deep rivalries, sweet revenge, and world building was crafted so vividly you'll feel like you're a part of this month's reading adventure. 

We've put together a fantastic selection of fun and tasty treats for this months box! The drinks inside this box are a perfect match for the cold winter season. Whether you're curling up with a good book or looking for the ideal present, this box is sure to be a hit. More than just a collection of items, this box is a whole experience crafted to make your winter brighter, and your reading time even more enjoyable.

This box includes a paperback, letter from the author, and a signed bookplate.

All December boxes will ship between December 1st-7th. 

Please note, this is for the December box only, not the subscription. 
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