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Caffeine & Legends

March One-Time Box

March One-Time Box

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*Boxes with Stroopwaffles are sold out*

We're shaking things up this month, and taking a short break from traditional fantasy. 

Embark on a hopeful journey to a distant world with our March book box! This exciting space opera blends elements of positive dystopian fantasy with cozy, imaginative touches. 

The world you're going to dive into is rich, lush, and full of imaginative characters.

Savor the experience with our carefully curated selection of coffee, tea, drinking chocolate, and a sustainable bonus item that perfectly complements the story. These hand-picked items will enhance your journey to this distant world and leave you thirsting for more!

This box will feature a hardcover, with signed bookplates guaranteed for any orders placed by Feb. 14th.

These boxes will begin shipping March 1st.

[Please note: this is for the March box only, not the subscription.
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