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August One Time Box

August One Time Box

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August Theme: Weird & Wonderful

Travel on the byway of the beast with us this month as we venture into a medieval absurdist fantasy. Don't let the bright and colorful theme fool you, this book will sink in it's teeth and not let go as you're dragged into the darkness of the pages. It will take you on side quests you weren't expecting, deliver tasty imaginative morsels, then spit you out on the other side. This world is vibrant and wonderfully written, even when things twist in unexpected ways. 

Our drink pairings this month were selected to compliment aspects of the book, including the characters you'll meet and places you'll visit. The two bonus item pairings were selected compliment different passages or settings within the book.


This box includes a hardcover, letter from the author, and a signed bookplate.

All August boxes will ship between Aug 1-7th

Please note, this is for the August box only, not the subscription. 
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