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A Touch of Fire (Romantasy Box)

A Touch of Fire (Romantasy Box)

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A Touch of Fire

An exciting "romantasy" special event box for our 18+ Fantasy Romance readers! These boxes will ship around March 10th

Last year's romantasy box was such a hit, we're bringing it back for our second ever 'Spicy' event box. Some of these items are quirky, fun, and definitely not safe for work (NSFW). 

Unbox a world of excitement with carefully chosen items, from cheeky extras to delightful beverages. This limited edition box is all about adding a touch of fun to your next read!

The full boxes include 7 items, plus a hardcover book with a signed bookplate. The book releases at the end of February, and these boxes will ship around March 10th. 

Please note, this box is not part of the regular subscription, and is a single, one-time purchase. 

This box is larger and heavier than our regular subscription boxes. All boxes within the US will ship ground for a flat rate of $10.95. International shipping will be calculated at checkout. 

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