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A Pinch of Spice - Special Event Box

A Pinch of Spice - Special Event Box

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A Pinch of Spice

*Special Event Box Pre-Order*

We have an exciting special event box planned for our 18+ Fantasy Romance readers! 
Over the past few month's we've been saving some really fun items that would pair well with a box that has some level of spice. Some of these items are quirky, funny, and definitely not safe for work (NSFW). 

The standard boxes do include a paperback book, though there is an option to get the items without the book. 

This box will ship around February 14th. 
Please note, this box is not part of the regular subscription, and is a single, one-time purchase. 

This box is larger than our regular subscription boxes, and shipping will be calculated at checkout based on your location. 

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