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Caffeine & Legends

A Pinch Of Spice Box Extras

A Pinch Of Spice Box Extras

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Hana Bliss Bad-Ass Coffee:
An amazing flavored coffee! named after the winding journey on Maui’s "Road to Hana". Deliciously rich and satisfyingly smooth blends of chocolate, vanilla and macadamia nut.

Pantry Dropper Hot Chocolate:
Just like seeing a hottie with a body...Lose your drawers in this luscious cocoa supreme.  
3oz - Makes two cups 

Treasure Trail Hot Chocolate:
This peppermint flare will give you a little tingle down to your toes...just like a Treasure Trail makes you tingle with anticipation.

3oz - Makes two cups 

Amore Loose Leaf Tea:
That's amore! Nuda Botanica designed this love potion around Damiana, an aphrodisiac herb native to the Americas. It's then balanced by the sweetness of the roses and the refreshing acidity of the hibiscus. A blend that will make you feel love and loved.

Enjoy warm or iced.
INGREDIENTS: Organic Rose Petals Organic Hibiscus Organic Damiana
8OZ jar: around 15 servings 

I Still Read Fairytales Vinyl Sticker
"I Still read fairy tales, they are just spicy now" vinyl sticker. 
Custom made from the pinch of spice box.


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